Employee Ownership

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

West Valley Construction Company’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is an outstanding wealth-building plan, providing employee-owners with retirement security.   

Employee-owners have a sense of pride in our ownership and have a greater sense of collaboration, teamwork, commitment and accountability.  We know that everything we do at work has an impact on the Company’s success and ultimately contributes to our personal wealth.  Our shared ownership and purpose result in a real sense of family which we are committed to maintaining throughout the Company. 

In addition to working hard, we have a great time with our customers, vendors, and each other at special and annual events from dinner meetings, golf tournament, Holiday Parties, BBQ’s, to attending professional sports such as hockey, baseball, and football games. 

Not only does West Valley’s business model provide stability in a down market, but a recent study shows that employee owners were 4x less likely to be laid off during a recession

Stock Purchase Plan

Employee-owners can participate in the company’s potential growth even more through West Valley’s Stock Purchase Plan (SPP).  Eligible employees who demonstrate West Valley’s values, ownership behaviors, and commitment to West Valley’s long-term success are invited to purchase West Valley stock annually at a substantially discounted rate.  An interest-free loan is available to help with the purchase.