Wet Utility Construction

Since our inception in 1958, West Valley has excelled in installing and maintaining wet utility systems. Because of our history of quality, excellence, and “Building it right”, many of our customers have been with us for decades.

  • Water Systems-Domestic, Raw, Recycled
  • Fire Protection Water
  • Storm Drains & Sanitary Sewers

Our Wet Utility Services Include

Water Distribution Systems

  • Construction of new and replacement of existing water systems (potable and recycled water}
    • Specialize in water distribution pipelines including hydrants, valve structures and service lines
    • Excavation, Horizontal Directional Drilling and Jack and Bore installations
    • Work in the public right away as well as complex and unique watershed capabilities
  • Maintenance of existing systems
    • Timely emergency repair on 24/7 basis
    • Flushing, chlorination, dichlorination, Site-specific Storm Water Prevention Planning (SWPP)

Water Facilities

  • Pump station installations
  • Water treatment installations
  • Storage tanks and hydroturbines
  • Complex valving installations and vault structures including above-ground piping
  • All site work and coordination of appropriate appurtenant items

Sewer and Storm Drain Systems

  • Construction of new gravity storm drain, sewer and force main sewer systems through excavation, boring, slip-lining and pipe bursting
  • Pre-cast and Cast in Place vault and manhole structure installations
  • Wastewater and storm water treatment systems